Just how to Spruce up your Interior with Regional Flavour

Whether you are seeking to provide your newly constructed home, or just a quick adjustment stylishly of your existing house, people frequently browse for inspiration by checking out indoor residence styling publications and Pinterest.

Scandinavian? Minimalism? Modern? Or commercial? While you are active “pinning” away onto your Pinterest board pictures that reflect your perfect residence, you could pertain to understand that … while whatever looks fantastic and also look like they are gotten of an unique home in a foreign nation, it might really feel just a tad bit international sometimes. Possibly it would certainly behave to inject some character to our home; something that really feels familiar to our identity?

Singapore’s unique history of being a melting social pot has actually resulted in the production of a pretty distinctive culture that includes lingo, foods as well as social symbols that are endearing and can only be understood by individuals that have actually lived in Singapore for a substantial quantity of time.

Right here are some home devices that you can be sure to enliven your house with some neighborhood Singaporean flavour, without shedding a hole in your pocket!

Souvenirs for Singapore

The renowned Singapore girl kebaya (standard shirt) is associated with our national airline’s famous uniform. First tailor-maked by a French haute couture designer in 1972 for our beautiful attendants, Merlion ChouChou can currently wear the same spirit.

The fantastically sticky Jiu Ceng Gao– among Singaporeans’ favourites desserts– currently helps to maintain your doors open as well as the conversations going.

Singlish– a capitivating trouble of languages as an outcome of our multiple cultures and languages. Master the subtleties and also present your Singlish satisfaction with our Door Wall Mount Lah!


Really feeling nostalgic? Tutu Kueh is a preferred standard regional pleasant treat during our youth days! This upsized snack makes it easy to cuddle with.

Nom Nom Plush

A mouth-watering bread admired for its fragrant combination of Malay, Indian as well as Chinese societies– it’s oh-so-Singapore! Right here’s introducing an absolutely no calorie version for you to bearhug– it’s a fuzzy as well as warm feeling, we guarantee!

Urban X Maps

Urban x maps is a local independent brand name that includes a series of very carefully crafted metropolitan maps. These art pieces are drawn from scratch and they wish to revive the appeal of traditional maps with their maps that is available in various colours, best for residence accessory while capturing Singapore’s fine-grained city grid and also foundation.

Beyond Fundamental

While you are active “pinning” away onto your Pinterest board images that show your perfect home, you may come to recognize that … while everything looks fantastic and appear like they are taken out of an exotic residence in an international nation, it may really feel just a tad bit foreign at times. Perhaps it would certainly be good to inject some individuality to our home; something that really feels familiar to our identity?

Really feeling classic? Tutu Kueh is a preferred conventional local sweet treat during our youth days! This upsized treat makes it very easy to snuggle with.

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